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  • Rapid and precise temperature control over a wide range of temperatures from -30º C to +105º C+0.05º C (controllable to even lower temperatures under special conditions)
  • Calibrated against a NIST-traceable thermometer with performance data provided
  • Designed for standard 1x1 cm square cuvettes or standard microcuvettes
  • Variable speed magnetic stirring to maintain uniform sample temperature
  • Dry gas purge to reduce condensation when working at low temperatures
  • Light tight cover with access cap providing a means of holding a thermistor probe in the cuvette
  • Collimating optics available for straight-through absorbance measurements
  • Imaging optics available for efficient excitation and light collection for fluorescent samples
  • Spherical mirror plugs available for enhancing excitation or emitted light
  • All optical components have focusing and position adjustments to maximize light throughput
  • Optical slits provided for limiting light access to the cuvette as needed
  • Filter holders for 12.5-mm diameter filters available for mounting on lens assemblies
  • Polarizer available for fluorescence measurements
  • Input jack on temperature controller to accept a thermistor probe for measuring sample temperature
  • Windows-based software available for external control of the temperature controller -- permitting complex experiments including temperature ramping
  • Kits and Components Pricing
Item Description
CUV-qpod-ABSKIT Temperature Controlled Sample Compartment - Absorbance
CUV-qpod-FLKIT Temperature Controlled Sample Compartment - Fluorescence
CUV-qpod-MPKIT Temperature Controlled Compartment - Absorbance and Fluorescence
CUV-qpod Temperature Controlled Sample Compartment - No Optics
CUV-qpod-CL-UV Collimating Lens for qpod Absorbance
CUV-qpod-IL-UV Imaging Lens for qpod Fluorescence
CUV-qpod-MP Mirror Plug for qpod Sample Compartment
CUV-qpod-POL Polarizer for qpod Sample Compartment
CUV-qpod-FH Holder for 12.5 mm Diameter Optical Filter for qpod
CUV-qpod-SER Serial Interface for qpod External Computer Control
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