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CFV Series
제조사 Ocean Optics Inc
원산지 미국
The FluoroVettes are ideal for a variety of real-time high-sensitivity fluorescence applications, such as
  • Assay development with quantum dots
  • GFP-based assays
  • Protein conformation analysis
  • DNA quantification via Pico-Green assay reagent
  • Cell marker identification
  • Enzyme inhibitors using FRET Assays
Item Description
CFV-PIP-SP 10 pack Pipettor UV-transparent FluoroVettes with adapter
CFV-PUMP-SP 5 pack Pump UV-transparent FluoroVettes with adapter
CFV-PIP 10 pack Pipettor UV-transparent FluoroVettes
CFV-PUMP 5 pack Pump UV-transparent FluoroVettes
CFV-ADP-2 Universal adaptor for 1 cm x 1 cm fluorescence sample holder with 2-way 90 degree viewing
CFV-ADP-4 Universal adaptor for 1 cm x 1 cm sample holder with 4-way viewing
CSV-6-SP Sample pack of 6 SpecVettes - 2 x 1mm,
2 x 0.5mm, and 2 x 0.25mm) + Adapter
Dead volume 2 μL
Dead volume (tubing interface) Depends on length of tubing at inlet side of FluoroVette; typical ID is 0.030", OD is 0.063" (1/16"); length of tubing is 1.5" on each side
Contained volume 50 μL (+/- 1 μL)
Height x width 50 mm x 9 mm
Thickness 1 mm
Zeonor Film 50 mm (0.002") (UV-transparent to 220 nm)
Black Delrin 0.75 mm (0.030")
Bonding Medical-grade acrylic solvent for bonding Delrin to Zeonor
Compatibility Ethanol (up to 99.5%), Isopropyl alcohol (up to 91% water), Aqueous bufffers with or without detergents
Incompatibility Acetone or aliphatic solvents such as hexane
Connectors for CFV-PIP-SP Acrylic
Connectors for CFV-PUMP-SP Polysulfone
Connectors for tube connection Translucent FEP for tubing; glue is a solvent-less UV-curing medical-grade adhesive
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