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Compact Deuterium, Halogen Light Source for the UV-Vis-NIR
사이즈 7.5 cm x 8.2 cm x 17.5 cm
무   게 0.5 kg
제조사 Ocean Optics Inc
원산지 미국
  • An integrated shutter helps protect light-sensitive samples
  • Remote Control is possible with the -TTL model, allowing the deuterium and halogen bulbs to be turned on/off individually, indicated using LED lights on the front panel
  • Optimize output with the variable intensity halogen bulb
  • Galvanic isolation of the TTL electronics provides reliable performance in complicated environments like an electrically noisy production floor
  • Full remote control of all functions via a 4-pin TTL connector make it ideal for OEM integration

    Included with the Product:
  • 12 VDC power supply including primary adapters for U.S., EU countries, UK and Australia

Sources Deuterium & Tungsten Halogen
Wavelength range 200-2500 nm
Typical output power 19 μW (deuterium bulb), 14 μW (tungsten bulb)
Warm-up time 6 minutes
Source lifetime 1,000 hours
Power requirements 12 VDC
Safety & regulatory CE; ROHS; WEEE
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