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Raman Sample Holder
Raman Sample Holderjihl.co
사이즈 62 mm x 47 mm x 81 mm
제조사 Ocean Optics Inc
원산지 미국
The OOA-RAMAN-SH is compact, lightweight and easy to load and unload.

The holder offers other advantages as well:
making it easier to block the ambient light with cuvette measurements;
protecting against the damage caused by contact between the probe and cuvettes;
fixing the probe in place using a simple setscrew; and allowing more freedom in adjusting
the focus of the excitation light.
Material LY12 Aluminum
Compatible cuvette dimensions (mm) 12.4 square and 12.5 15 and 23 diameter
Translation stage distance 8 mm (4 mm each direction)
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